1. Crochet rainbow blanket
    Rainbow Blanket
  2. Crochet shawl
    Candyfloss Cloud Burst Shawl

Welcome to the ​​​​​​HappyHook website;
  for a range of handmade crochet items for you and your home.

HappyHook's Story
HappyHook creates handmade crochet items for the home and wardrobe.  Each item has been hooked with individual care and attention to detail.  Genuinely hand-crafted items are always unique.  This is particularly true of crochet where the yarn, hook size and elements of the pattern all combine to make each item special.  The shop contains a range of clothing items such as wool shawls, ponchos, scarves and gloves.  For the home, there is a colourful collection of crochet blankets, cushions and decorations.  Increasingly, HappyHook is producing original designs for new handmade crochet products.
About Me

An introduction to HappyHook and my love of crochet.

My Values

I explore what is impotant to me and the values that I work to.
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